Jealousy Kills....RIP Nipsey Hussle

I've been listening to Nipsey Hussle's music for years. Right after I heard about him selling one of his CD's for $1000 a pop! I remember what I felt when I heard that. I thought to myself...."that is someone who knows his value". Here's the thing, so often we find ourselves in situations not being paid much, not speaking up about it, and letting the machine basically wash us up and spit us out in the rinse. Being an on-air personality and at the same time a 6 time published author as well as a national speaker that has given over 250 speeches throughout the country.....I get it. Boy do I get it. If you don't realize your value and demand that in equity, then of course no one else will. And by right why should they. But Nipsey not only knew his value but he demanded it. Not just selling one cd for a grand, but he also said "where I'm from has value". That was what he was saying when he went back to his hood to invest in it and create jobs. He did that because MOST of the time, the inhabitants of these areas can't get anyone else to see their value other than someone who knows the struggle. I say all that to say I valued his "hustle". This story is so tragic because it wasn't a random drive-by or a confrontation that Nipsey instigated. Allegedly, the person who shot and killed this truly talented young man knew him and was jealous of his success and his personal lack thereof. We see it everyday....not literally but symbolically. People around you will kill your spirit, your drive and ultimately (theoretically) kill you for no other reason than the fact that you are multifaceted and truly talented. Sadly, these perpetrators exist in all walks of life. One may very well be in the cubicle next to you. Guard your gifts its savage out there!

-Felicia L. Hamilton is an On Air Personality with Magic 101.3, Hot 100, & 98.1 Kiss FM, 6 Time Published Author, & National Speaker



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