*If you’re still wondering about that Jill Scott video of her being drunk and blaming it on “FuFee,” the singer/actress wants you to know that her brief bout with inebriation wasn’t about her crumbling marriage.

She’s speaking out ’cause a lot folks, her fans in particular, are obviously concerned for her. After all, it wasn’t a good look for her as she was slurring her speech and her eyes were glazed.

On Wednesday Jilly From Philly took to Instagram to tell folk to chill with assuming she’s in a bad way because of her pending divorce.

 “Ya’ll got to stop assuming EVERYTHING is about my divorce. Shit’s dumb. I’ve NEVER fit a box; no matter how big it is,” Scott wrote. “Let that thing go out cha mind because IT’S OUT OF MINE. #Bahleedat #heme???? Ok.”


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