3-Year-Old Dies In Hot Car Outside Of Georgia Fast Food Restaurant

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Photo: Getty Images

A three-year old boy who was unintentionally left inside of a hot car on Sunday afternoon has passed away. According to WSB-TV, the boy died of heat related causes outside of a Wendy's in Columbus, Georgia shortly after 8:30 p.m as temperatures rose well into the 90s. Authorities have identified the child as three-year-old Kendrick Engram Jr.

Muscogee County coroner Buddy Bryan determined that the child had been left in the car for nearly three hours before he passed away. This is not a typical case of child neglect, as no one knew that Kendrick was hiding in the vehicle to begin with. The child was spending the day at his grandmothers house with his three sisters when his grandmother realized that he was not with the rest of his siblings.

Bryan detailed that Kendricks grandmother then called his uncle who had taken her car to go get food. She asked the uncle if he had Kendrick with him, and he said that he did not. After being asked to check the car; he found Kendrick unresponsive and immediately called 911.WSB-TV mentioned that this is the seventh American child to die from being trapped inside of a hot car so far this year.

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