Wendy Williams is SO over Real Housewives of Atlanta!

The talk show host slammed the hit reality show on Wednesday and vowed not to watch now that the ladies have taken to fighting and rumors of drug use on the set have turned her all the way off.

“You all have been asking, did I see Sunday night’s episode and all that happened. No, I haven’t seen that show in two weeks. When they did the tease with the fight…I’m sorry,” she said.

“You know I can be as ratchet as the next person and I will admit it. But there are two things I don’t do. I don’t fight…never been in a fist fight in my life. Although, don’t test me. I mean Housewives of Atlanta, there’s rumors about coke {cocaine} sniffing going on, there’s that thing going on with every single last one of them having whack story lines.”

She didn’t stop there, but instead went after individuals on the cast.

“Kandi, with all due respect, I’m not the only one who thinks Todd is an opportunist. And Andy Cohen, stop dragging me into Housewives stuff,” she said.

“And I have to tell you. Before the Housewives, I used to be a lot smarter. And now I find myself dumbing down. I’m not doing it anymore. Not like that!”

It looks like Wendy as hit her limit when it comes to the housewives so viewers shouldn’t expect their stories to heat up her Hot Topics segment ever again.

“And look, I’m not lecturing and I’m not kumbaya,” she said. “But I’ll tell you what I’m not going to do. I will not watch that.”

Watch Wendy’s rant, below.