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(Yahoo!) - Best. Boss. Ever.

It pays to be Jennifer Hudson's personal assistant. The songstress generously gifted Walter Williams, a longtime employee, with his own house — yes, house — this Christmas. Needless to say he was pretty excited, as you'll see from this Instagram video that the "No One Gonna Love You" singer, 32, posted of the big reveal.

In the clip, Walter is given a portfolio apparently detailing the house purchase. He drops it. Screams. Picks it up. Screams again. Then runs across the room, which is festively decorated, jumps on Hudson, and screams some more. His "What?!" reaction is priceless.

A group of onlookers — including the star's sister Julia — are on hand for the celebratory moment.

Walter has long been part of Hudson's inner circle. In an interview with Advocate in 2011, the star, who has a 3-year-old son with fiancé David Otunga, was asked to name her best gay friend and she named him.

"My assistant Walter is going to kill me for this, but whatever," said the Chicago native, who has been through turbulent times, including the murder of her mother, brother, and nephew in 2008. "Walter and I have been friends since sixth grade. He's by far my closest friend and my closest gay friend ever."

And one lucky guy.