Jennifer Hudson has already accomplished so much and the singer turned actress has plenty more where that came from.

In an interview with "V" Magazine, J-Hud reveals that she’s finally taking control of her own music career. 

“Earlier in my career I was just a soloist singing other people’s songs. Now I really want to be an artist. I want to lift the people up, have fun, create a moment,” she said.

“I have my own visions that I want to bring to life. People think I sit in church all day or stay at home and stare at my Oscar. It’s like I’m a nun or the President or something,” she explains.

“I realized that people don’t really know who I am. It just feels like it’s time to take the training wheels off, you know? Let them see me.”

She also revealed that she gets a lot of her flavor from her days of hanging out in gay clubs as a teenager.

“I used to go out to the gay clubs when I was a kid.  We were 16 or 17 and my best friend would pretend to be my manager. He’d have business cards made up and he’d negotiate for me to sing for $25 a song,” she said.

“I’d have these amazing drag queens style me up and down, honey. They would be up there lip-synching and then I’d get up and sing for real—some Whitney Houston or some old-school Shirley Murdock and I would make all the money. That was like my training, basically.”